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Lily Wang & Andrew Lee

Demi Composting

Lily Wang

Demi’s CEO, Lily, has been thinking about food waste her entire life. Her father was a rice farmer during the Cultural Revolution in China and engrained in her always to be conscientious about organic waste and to honor the earth. Her lifelong interest in the intersection of sustainability and society led her to study Environmental Science, Technology, and International Affairs at Georgetown, where she experienced firsthand the challenges of composting as an apartment-dweller. Since then, she has been honing her business acumen, first as a strategy consultant, then as an impact investor, and now as an Obama Scholar at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. In addition to the Obama Foundation, her work on Demi has been recognized by the Institute of Real Estate Management and the C200 Committee for Women Entrepreneurs.


Andrew Lee

Demi’s CTO, Andrew, is a full-stack software developer and trained engineer, with expertise in product design and development for both software platforms and physical products alike. He has experience working in start-up environments and developing solutions from scratch across the SaaS and EdTech industries. He is of the belief that technology, when employed correctly, offers an opportunity to better the lives of many and of our planet. Andrew is currently pursuing his MBA at University of Chicago, and holds a BE in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.


Demi Composting

Demi is on a mission to create a healthier planet by making composting mainstream. We partner with building managers to take the mess out of composting for the 40% of Americans that live in apartments, using data-driven logistics. We offer urban residents sleek bins, streamlined pick-up services, and a mobile app to help cultivate an entire culture of composting. Because big impact starts with small choices; and a food waste-free future begins with Demi.