Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Jesse Sum, Andrew Jiang


Jesse Sum

Jesse Sum is the cofounder and CPO of LivMote by Soda Labs. He was formerly senior staff engineer at Lookout Android Security and lead Android engineer at Postmates. Jesse graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Science.


Andrew Jiang

Andrew Jiang is the cofounder and CEO of LivMote by Soda Labs. Serial entrepreneur and Y Combinator alumni. Founder of Bayes Impact, a Gates Foundation-backed nonprofit. Research featured in WSJ, Economist, The Atlantic, and Financial Times.


What inspired you to create this company?
We wanted to help businesses reopen without having to violate privacy or slow down. Our expertise is in hardware products, and this was our way of contributing.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Our product is a fully touchless solution that automates checks for temperature, coverings, and screening questions — without giving up security or privacy. Designed in California, manufactured in Taiwan, and privacy-first. We brought together Foxconn (manufacturing JV), Microsoft, and Sharp North America to build the leading product of this category. And we’re delivering it in record time – 7 months between ideation to mass production. We’re on track to be in thousands of locations by the end of the year.