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Alysa Liu

U.S. Champion Figure Skater

Alysa Liu is a history maker.


In 2019, she became the youngest U.S. figure skating champion in history at age thirteen. In 2020, she successfully defended her U.S. title with a national scoring record of 235.52. Alysa might be small in stature, but she packs quite a punch. The phenom from Richmond, California became the first American woman to land three triple axel jumps at the 2019 U.S. Championships in Detroit. At the 2020 U.S. Championships in Greensboro, Alysa became the first female skater to win back-to-back titles since 2013, where she was also the first U.S. female to land a quadruple lutz jump.


Alysa started skating when she was five years old. She quickly rose through the skating ranks, claiming the national intermediate title, placing fourth at the novice level and then winning the junior crown at the age of 12.


In August 2019, Alysa made her junior international competitive debut with a Grand Prix victory in Lake Placid. She became the first American woman to land a quad lutz in competition. Alysa also became the first woman in history to successfully complete a quad lutz and triple axel in the same program. One month later, Alysa won her second consecutive title in Gdansk, Poland. In December, Alysa earned a silver medal at the Junior Grand Prix Finals in Torino.


Alysa, who is 14, is in 10th grade and attends school through an online program, California Connections Academy. Her favorite subject is Mandarin. Off the ice, Alysa enjoys going on rollercoasters, spending time with her family, and making slime.


Alysa’s charm and personality have been recognized. She has already appeared on NBC’s “Today” show and the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Alysa participated in Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, where she was slimed on stage. TIME Magazine named her as one of the NEXT 100 Most Influential People in November of 2019.


Her goal is to compete at the 2022 Winter Olympics, where she will be age eligible to compete in Beijing.