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Daniel & Alexander Whatley


About Alexander & Daniel Whatley
Alexander Whatley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cresicor. Prior to Cresicor, he worked in software and data science roles at Intel, Quora, and Facebook. Alexander graduated from Harvard in 2019, where he received a bachelors and masters in applied mathematics. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and exploring restaurants.

I’m Daniel Whatley, CTO and cofounder of Cresicor! My background is in software—I graduated from MIT in 2020 with a degree in Computer Science, and before Cresicor I most recently worked at Nuro, a fast-growing robotics startup. In my spare time, I enjoy singing, playing tennis, and nerding out over rhythm games!

What inspired you/your team to create this company?
The general CPG/retail space has had a severe lack of innovation, despite the tech revolution. Trade (the cost of running promotions) is usually the second largest expense for consumer brands, and managing, tracking, and optimizing promotions/discounts is one of the largest pain points consumer brands currently face. Despite this, most brands currently rely on spreadsheets to manage trade data, even those with billion dollar or more revenues, as there simply does not exist a reasonable software solution for trade management. Cresicor aims to transform the industry by providing a software solution with a gentle learning curve that allows brands to efficiently track, analyze, and optimize promotions that they run.

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
1. Fast and straightforward implementation process (4-8 weeks maximum). Competitors often take 8-12 months for implementation phase, sometimes even longer.
2. We provide multiple tiers of software for different sized companies. Our competitors generally only provide one tier that includes every feature imaginable, which can overwhelm smaller brands that have limited bandwidth and smaller teams.
3. Product Quality. Cresicor is built with the latest web frameworks and technology. Our competitors by contrast are mostly built on legacy systems and frameworks.
4. Branding. Our core team is composed of MIT/Harvard software engineers and CPG industry veterans who have gone through multiple exits.

This kind of synergy does not exist elsewhere in this industry.