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Alex Zhu & Yiming Zhang

CEO, TikTok & CEO, Bytedance

Alex Zhu is the CEO of TikTok, the social platform who’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy through short-form videos. Previously, he was Co-founder & Co-CEO of musical.ly, a video social network that celebrates daily life with videos recorded in 15 seconds or less that was acquired by ByteDance, the parent company to TikTok, for $1 billion and eventually merged with TikTok given the shared mission of both experiences.


Previous to the international success of musical.ly, the “designtrepreneur” was a product designer and manager at SAP, the world’s largest enterprise software company, and also served as a creative director at Microsoft driving mobile disruption initiatives in the consumer space.


Zhu attended Zhejiang University, one of the most prestigious institutions in China and studied civil engineering.



Yiming Zhang is the founder and CEO of ByteDance. Yiming holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Nankai University. Yiming has participated in or founded several ventures prior to ByteDance, including Kuxun — then the dominant travel and transportation search engine in China, which was later acquired by TripAdvisor — as well as a real estate search portal 99fang. Zhang was one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2019.