Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Gold House identify the sociocultural barriers that limit Asian American and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs from receiving funding and recommend solutions to gatekeepers within the venture capital ecosystem on how to diversify and foster inclusivity.

Gold House highlights Singapore as a launchpad for entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, a region of rapid global economic growth over the last half-century, and an emergent hotspot for founders and investors in the last decade. Originally published in the Milken Review, a quarterly journal that spotlights seminal public policy related to economic growth, job creation, and capital formation.

What does it mean to create relatable, feel-seen moments? This one-page, in partnership with the Office of Global Inclusion, Nickelodeon Public Affairs, Content For Change, Gold House, and CAPE, weaves together recent Nickelodeon Cultural Insights from an in-depth study of Asian American kids and families and what they desire in content.

This study, conducted in collaboration with USC’s Norman Lear Center, fills in the gap by looking at the quality of Asian portrayals in streaming content, both film and TV. Support for this research was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

In this report, Gold House and Nielsen examine how Asian Pacific audiences engage with streaming and advertising. For marketers, content creators, and media publishers, we hope you’ll see the value and audiences to be gained when you embrace our community.