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Gold Chef Prize

Powered by OpenTable and Gold House, the Gold Chef Prize will uplift the next generation of leading Asian Pacific chefs.

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The Gold Chef Prize spotlights nine rising Asian Pacific chefs, and awards one the opportunity to be the Executive Chef of the 2024 A100 Honoree Dinner. The winner, along with two finalists, will each receive a $10,000 cash prize, mentorship by leading Asian Pacific chefs, and amplification on Gold House and OpenTable’s marketing channels.


The Gold Chefs were selected for displaying exceptional talent, character, and ability to make a significant impact to the culinary industry for years to come, while being passionately committed to furthering Asian Pacific representation and leadership in the broader community.


9 semi-finalists have been selected to receive:
(1) spotlights/inclusion on Gold House and OpenTable’s social platforms (IG, LI, FB, X)
(2) an invitation to the Gold House Futures Network for rising creative and business leaders, with exclusive invitations to Asian Pacific media and community events, promotional opportunities, and access to growth and collaboration resources
(3) an OpenTable offer for 6 months of special pricing


All 3 finalists will additionally receive:
(1) a $10K cash prize
(2) 1:1 mentorship sessions with a top Asian Pacific chef
(3) a feature in Gold House’s Renegades newsletter


The winner will receive the (compensated) opportunity to be the Executive Chef of the 2024 A100 Honorees Dinner, which will take place in LA and will feature the cuisine of the winner’s choice.

Selection Process

The Gold Chef has been chosen through a three-step selection process that kicks off with an open call for head chefs from New York City, San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles and entails:


Phase 1: Complete a brief online written application.
Phase 2: Three semi-finalists from each city will be evaluated by select members of the Selection Committee, who will dine at each semifinalist’s restaurant, with 1 winner per city advancing to the final round. OpenTable and Gold House will cover the costs associated with the meal.
Phase 3: Each finalist will submit a brief video and also be interviewed by Gold House and OpenTable.


  • Finalists

Overall Winner

Katianna Hong

City Finalists


  • 2024


Matt Ho

Heena Patel

Alex Hong

Kyo Pang

Katianna Hong

Eric Huang

Nico de Leon

Christine Lau

Sujan Sarkar

Selection Committee

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Brandon Jew

Executive Chef & Owner, Mister Jiu’s

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Carlo Lamagna

Chef-Owner, Magna Kusina

View Bio

Chintan Pandya

Chef & Owner, Dhamaka & Adda Indian Canteen

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Esther Choi

Chef & Owner, Mŏkbar; Chef & Partner, Ms. Yoo

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Jet Tila

Host & Judge, Food Network; VP of Culinary of Pei Wei Group; Managing Partner, Dragon Tiger Noodle Co

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Junghyun Park

Chef & Owner, Atomix (2 Michelin Stars, No. 8 World 50 Best 2023), Atoboy, NARO, Seoul Salon

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Martin Yan

Chef & Host, Yan Can Cook

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Mei Lin

Top Chef Season 12; Chef & Owner, Daybird

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Shota Nakajima

Chef & Owner, Taku and Kobo Pizza; Television Judge

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Stephanie Wu

Editor-in-Chief, Eater

Eligibility & Criteria


  • Chef must identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander.
  • Chef must be the owner/executive chef of their restaurant. The restaurant does not have to feature Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander cuisine.
  • Restaurant must have a location in Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, or New York City.
  • Restaurant must have been in operation for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 8 years as of January 1, 2024.


Applicants for the award will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional talent: Applicants should have a demonstrable track record of excellence in culinary pursuits. This can include, but is not limited to, awards, nominations or inclusion on shortlists for local or national awards. Their execution of menu, concept, and overall dining experience will be evaluated by judges who will dine at their restaurants.
  • Innovative Approach: We seek chefs who display innovative thinking and creativity in their approach to their chosen cuisine and/or restaurant.
  • Positive Impact: Successful candidates should demonstrate positive contributions to the industry and community, as well as their ability to make an impact in the culinary field for years to come. Their work should contribute to promoting inclusion and representation of Asian Pacific chefs across the industry.


  • Applications will be open through December 15th. Semi-finalists will be notified by mid-January 2024, and the Selection Committee will dine at semi-finalists’ restaurants between mid-January and mid-February 2024 (restaurants will be notified at least 1 week in advance). The finalists & winner will be notified in March and they will be announced publicly in April.

  • No, we welcome applications from Asian Pacific chefs specializing in any cuisine!

  • Gold House and OpenTable will cover the costs of the meals served to the selection committee, and any travel costs associated with being Executive Chef of the A100 Welcome Dinner, if applicable.

  • Gold House and OpenTable will evaluate written applications based on the criteria of (1) demonstrated culinary talent; (2) innovative approach to food and/or restaurant business; (3) positive impact on communities and industries in the past and future; and (4) ability to serve as a representative for Asian Pacific leadership and excellence in the food industry.

  • We will notify all semi finalists at least 7 days before the judging meal with the preferred date and time of the meal, and which members of the Selection Committee will be attending the dinner. At the dinner, the Selection Committee will be evaluating the restaurant’s food, presentation, service, and ambiance. More details will be provided to the semifinalists directly after their selection and before the judging dinner.

  • We will interview the three finalists, and select a final winner by taking their entire application, judges’ scoring, and interview into account.

  • After the winner has been selected, the Executive Chef and Gold House will discuss the scope of the role based on the Executive Chef’s bandwidth and schedule. At a minimum, the Executive Chef will design the menu for the A100 Honoree Dinner, and the Executive Chef (with assistance from their team) may choose to execute the meal themselves as well. Compensation will range depending on the Executive Chef’s level of involvement in the dinner.

  • We will take other factors including your background at other restaurants into account, so if your current restaurant has been in operation for less than two years as of January 1st, 2024 we will still consider your application.

Apply Now

Applications for the Gold Chef Prize are now closed. Please check back for more information on this program!