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Futures Accelerator: Producers

The Gold Producer Accelerator is a collaboration between Gold House Futures, AUM, powerhouse multicultural producer Nina Yang Bongiovi, and Netflix to offer an unique, fully subsidized producer-shadowing experience on independent feature films or series.

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How It Works

Producers were selected by Gold House, Nina Yang Bongiovi, and a nominating committee of industry leaders.

Producers receive:

  • Opportunity to shadow one of the industry’s leading powerhouse producers, Nina Yang Bongiovi, on a narrative feature film/motion picture
  • Fully financially subsidized experience including food, lodging, stipend, and more
  • Minimum of an “Associate Producer” credit on a film to support credit-building for emerging producers
  • PR support and in-person showcase event to promote networking
  • Access to consistent networking events with other multicultural filmmakers and creative leaders


  • 2023


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Sarah Hisae


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Nominating Committee

Ronny Chieng

Rishi Rajani

Jimmy Chin

Angela Laprete

Bird Runningwater

Dana LeDoux Miller

Anita Gou

Shruti Ganguly

Kamala Avila-Salmon