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About Wildwonder


Sparkling wellness beverages inspired by ancient herbal wisdom, reimagined for modern taste and backed by science. We are on a mission to create everyday wonders and replace your sugary soda one bottle at a time. 5% of profits from every bottle goes to causes that empower female and marginalized communities.

About the Product

Build your immunity deliciously. Inspired by the herbal tonics our founder Rosa’s grandma brewed for her, Wildwonder crafts delicious and nutritious sparkling drinks with gut-friendly superherbs, prebiotic plant fiber, live vegan probiotics, and fruit. Every bottle is organic and plant-based, with the cleanest ingredients and no refined sugar. Our fun flavors include: guava rose, mango turmeric, peach ginger, ginger lemon, matcha pineapple, and turmeric pear.