Socola Chocolatier


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About Socola Chocolatier

Socola Chocolatier is devoted to bringing you the freshest chocolates using only the finest ingredients. We are proud to use local and Straus Family Creamery products and E. Guittard chocolate in every handmade chocolate truffle. Named after the Vietnamese word for “chocolate,” Socola prepares all its truffles with unique, cosmopolitan flavors, including burnt caramel with sea salt, guava, beer, sriracha hot sauce and more. If you look through Our Truffles section, you will see we offer a wide selection that is both seasonal and offered year-round. Special collections are available for purchase Online and In Store every major holiday. We hope you enjoy learning about our story and savoring our lovely chocolates. It is our passion, mission, and obsession to deliver the divine. Welcome to the sisterhood.

About the Product

We create the world’s most unique, handcrafted small-batch confections that straddle our Eastern and Western identities: truffles with flavors like jasmine tea, Vietnamese coffee, burnt caramel with sea salt and even durian; chocolate bars infused with matcha, pop rocks and raspberries, and Kheer, a South Asian delight; confections such as matcha almond dragons and Bear Hugs with handmade marshmallows and a kiss of caramel.