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Shelly Xu Design (SXD)


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About the Company

SXD is about maximizing beauty using minimalism. We create artful, versatile and functional clothing that not only produces no waste but also reduces the waste left by the apparel industry. For our seamstresses, we hire Asian climate refugees and pay them 4x the local wage. Recently, SXD became the first design startup to win numerous prizes, including Grand Prize at Harvard’s New Venture Competition. SXD has been featured in WWD, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar Japan.


About the Product

Fits S-L. This gender-fluid zero-waste jacket is made with upcycled raw denim. The split back collar and embroidery text add style to the classic jacket. The silhouette, with adjustable cuffs/front buttons, creates an oversized look for S-M and fitted look for L. Two spacious side pockets add extra function.