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Rosebud AI


Email info@rosebudai.com with Subject: Goldhouse API to redeem: Either 1 week free subscription on IOS app or 30% off any monthly subscription on our web application

About Rosebud AI
Rosebud AI makes a suite of AI creator tools. Our vision is to enable storytelling at the speed of thought. We combine AI generated visuals, language and audio to personalize consumer experiences.

About the Product
For API we are discounting our most popular app, Tokkingheads (you can try it for free). You can use it to instantly animate any portrait photo with AI. Try it on portraits of friends, family, celebrities, paintings, and much more! Bring old family portraits to life, or prank friends with a custom video of their favorite celebrity saying something outrageous. Use Tokkingheads for dank memes, or to make your digital clone. Our world class AI technology has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Vogue, Vice, Wired, and the Joe Rogan Podcast!