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Peach & Lily


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Product Description

A revolutionary cocktail to hydrate, calm, brighten and firm skin.

About the brand: Peach & Lily is the first and leading retailer of Korean beauty in the US. Found 2012, it became one of the first to introduce Kbeauty to the Western world, where it later catapulted into the high-ranking status it holds today. In 2018, Peach & Lily launched its own collection, now carried in most Ulta Beauty stores, CVS, Target, and Barneys.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift
Gift Description: A personalized skincare consultation with our Founder & CEO, Alicia Yoon, along with a 25% year-long discount on all products. Awarded to the highest Peach & Lily Gold Rush spender

How to Win: Gift will be awarded to the buyer with the highest amount in a single order using the code GOLDRUSHVIP. Non-discounted items on the order contribute to the total amount. The winner will be notified by the brand via email after the Rush.