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Nomz Food Co


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About Nomz Food Co

Nomz crafts wholesome Asian soups designed for busy individuals. We are inspired by our love for noodle soups and a desire to see beautiful Asian brands which feeds our need for quality and convenience. Our vision is to build an extraordinary traditional Asian food brand that can be trusted and enjoyed by all.

About the Product

Wholesome Asian soups, hand-crafted over the course of six hours with distinctive, quality ingredients then frozen for quick prep at meal time. At Nomz, we value integrity and authenticity, and our recipes reflect those values. Our soups are traditional products that represent what our parents would have made for us, and we pay homage to the culinary traditions of each recipe’s cultural origin through faithful representation of that culture’s cuisine. Preparation is easy: simply combine with water in a pot and heat for around eight minutes. Alternatively, add water and heat in a microwave. Add noodles or rice for a full meal.

As part of Gold Rush, Nomz is offering shipping of our soups beyond New York City for the first time! Shipping is available to the following states: NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, PA, DE, DC and MD. Orders from outside Manhattan will be fulfilled via Fedex or UPS.