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Product Description
Face-Rx: Prescription skin care delivered straight to your door

Inventory Capacity: 250 units

About the brand: Musely provides skincare medical treatments through technology. Musely enables the best dermatologists and pharmacists to deliver and administer medical treatments online for both skin conditions and skincare using the most effective medication and therapeutic procedures. With its revolutionary approach, Musely enables the science of youth quickly and affordably online at the convenience of your home. Founded by successful Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, Musely is on a mission to deliver health and healthy living to every consumer in the world.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift
Gift Description: Face-Rx On Us For A Year. Awarded to the top Musely Gold Rush spender

How to Win: Gift will be awarded to the buyer with the highest amount in a single order using the code GOLDRUSHVIP. Non-discounted items on the order contribute to the total amount. The winner will be notified by the brand via email after the Rush.