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About H.V.M.N.

H.V.M.N. is Health via Modern Nutrition. We are at the forefront of modern nutrition, applying cutting edge metabolism & physiology to support your health and performance goals. H.V.M.N. is pioneering ketones as a fourth macronutrient food group (beyond fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) to help improve metabolism, from the world’s top athletes and performers to everyday healthy consumers.

About the Product

Keto Collagen+: Boost your glow with a daily dose of Keto Collagen+. Super creamy and delicious, this guilt-free powder gives you beauty and health benefits from the inside out. Keto Collagen+ is made with grass-fed bovine collagen to protect against the natural wear and tear of our bodies. Helps with: Glowing skin; Healthier gut & joints; Stronger hair, nails, & bones.

MCT Oil Powder: MCT Oil Powder is a creamy, delicious, mess-free powder you can mix into just about anything. Packed with C8, the most ketogenic MCT, it’s an energy-boosting, keto-kickstarting snack that fills you up and tastes great. Stay focused all day and burn fat for fuel with C8 MCT, a high-quality healthy fat that: Boosts brain function; Increases mental clarity; Curbs cravings.

Supplements: Nootrobox is a system of four nootropic blends designed to provide energy & focus, improve memory, protect your brain and body, and improve sleep quality.