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Glow Recipe


Using Code GOLDRUSHVIP: Glowing Mask Duo w/ Pink Mesh Pouch free with any purchase >$40

Product Description
Skin feeling a little dull and tired? This duo harnesses the power of nourishing fruits and potent actives to smooth, protect, and resurface, revealing skin that is smoother, hydrated and glowing to the max. Plus, it comes with a free Pink Mesh Zip ($12 value).

Transform dull, tired skin to give you a healthy, radiant complexion with the Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask. (10ml) Apply overnight as an intense skin rescue, or as a wash-off in the morning when you’re in need of a skin cheerleader. Brightens and refines pores to reveal happy, glowing skin with the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. (10ml) Wear overnight as a sleeping mask, or use as a flash facial in the morning to prep your skin for makeup. *Set does not come assembled inside the Pink Mesh Zip

Inventory Capacity: 300 units

Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift
Gift Description: A year’s supply of the full Glow Recipe range and a custom skincare consultation with one of the founders. Awarded to the highest Glow Recipe Gold Rush spender.

How to Win: Gift will be awarded to the buyer with the highest amount in a single order using the code GOLDRUSHVIP. Non-discounted items on the order contribute to the total amount. The winner will be notified by the brand via email after the Rush.