Cropsticks Inc.


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About Cropsticks Inc.

Cropmade is a line of innovative sustainable goods for the foodservice and hospitality industry. The company’s first patented product, Cropsticks, was featured on Season 8 of Shark Tank. Cropmade’s mission is to “Leave behind a greener environment for future generations” and recently became a Certified B Corporation. Launching in March 2017, Cropmade’s clients include 200+ restaurants, hotels and retailers including: Roy’s Restaurants, Hakkasan Group, Disney Parks & Resorts and The Four Seasons. Cropmade seeks innovative ways to be sustainable, such as piloting a chopsticks upcycling program that turned used Cropsticks into table tops, flooring and more.

About the Product

Cropsticks offers sustainably produced bamboo chopsticks and straws packaged for both individual and restaurant use. Cropsticks products are made out of bamboo from the Anji forest in China, which completely regenerates in just four years. Chopsticks come with a built-in-rest made from sustainable bamboo and are individually wrapped in recycled paper. Perfect for restaurants, catering, weddings and more.