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Using Code GOLDRUSHVIP: Exclusive item: clean essentials exclusive kit ($45)

Product Description
As Seen on Shark Tank available exclusively for Gold Rush 2019.

3 Reusable Cleaning Bottles
1 Reusable Foaming Hand Soap Bottle
8 Tablets (2 Multi-Surface, 2 Glass + Mirror,
2 Bathroom, 2 Foaming Hand Soap)

Cleaning tablets makes 20oz; soap tablet makes 9oz. Fill with water, drop in the tablet and get cleaning!

Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift
Gift Description: One year’s supply of cleaning tablets that fit in your pocket. Proven to be effective, non-toxic, $2 each and wrapped in compostable paper.

How to Win: Gift will be awarded to the buyer with the highest amount in a single order using the code GOLDRUSHVIP. Non-discounted items on the order contribute to the total amount. The winner will be notified by the brand via email after the Rush.